Krasnoyarsk inspires

Falling in love with the city starts with finding a palace where you feel like at home, at least for me.


It doesnt have to resemble my hometown, it just has to give the similar feel.

Krasnoyarsk has already too many of such places, like the bench in front of the Regional court and the bank of Yenisey river but I keep discovering more. Like the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel which sits on the top of Karaulnaya Mountain.



Climbing to the top of the mountain might feel a bit exhausting but it’s definitely worth it, or you can just take a cab for less the 4 dollar, because the view from the top says more then million words.



Guess this is the ultimate romantic spot in town. Many couples come here in the evening to watch the sunset. Parents bring kids who run around and play and two old ladies standing by the chapel watch them.



My favorite Ukrainian writer Taras Prokhasko wrote in one of his short stories that a perfect city has to have a defensive wall around the city so that people would feel protected and a mountain range so that waking up in the morning people would set a goal – to climb another mountain today.



Krasnoyarsk mountains give me both these feelings: they surround the city and protect me in such a way and they always visible from any part of the city challenging me to aim higher and dream bigger.




Kate B.


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