Drink that Guinness, Krasnoyarsk!

It’s interesting to see how Russia is accepting the western culture.


St Patrick’s day as well as St Valentine’s day are already well known and celebrated here. And even though elderly generation doesn’t understand new holidays, it doesnt stop the youth from painting their face green and hopping around the Irish pubs.


Irish pubs are usually crowded in Krasnoyarsk on the weekend. And the weekend before St Patrick’s day was not an exception.


Just to mention that Guinness costs less here then let’s say in Dublin, just 5 pounds per pint. And everyone who ordered 4 pints was getting a hat. You can judge by the hats how much do people drink here =)


Another good thing with the western style pubs coming to Russia and Krasnoyarsk in particular is that people get to know what Whiskey is and start drinking it instead of vodka. This is absolutely another drinking dimension.

Instead of getting drunk at home with vodka, why not to enjoy some nice whiskey in the bar? One  drink of whiskey in the bar costs like a bottle of vodka in the store, and you might as well stop getting drunk so often =)


I was sitting at the bar and thinking that Irish people and Russians have too much in common: we both like beer, we both like potatoes, we both like insulting people =) So St Patrick has all chances to become a Russian traditional holiday.



Kate B.


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