Challenge accepted!

Krasnoyarsk challenges me with spring.


Would you ever believe that that temperature in Siberia in the mid of March can be +7C and no snow on the streets?

Yes, it’s true. I forgot about a hat and my deer skin boots that served me well in the north feel to warm. And I can finally wear a dress! Yeah =)



I think I hit Krasnoyarsk during the wrong time to see all the beauty of the city as it’s still gray and a bit muddy but nothing makes you so happy like the light spring wind and the view of the river that took off it’s ice fur coat.


I think I like Krasnoyarsk to the extend that I would like to live here. It has everything I need for life: the mountain range in the distance, a big river in the city, quite a number of the historical buildings (which I’ll devote another post to) and an interesting mix of architecture styles.



The people here are really special, and I know that you can tell it about every second city but for some reason I feel it here like no where else.

They are nice: a young man sitting next to me on the bus yesterday gave his sit to a lady. A taxi driver was chasing me for two blocks offering to give me a ride when I was walking home the other day even though I told him a couple of times that I just want to have a stroll.

They are chatty: people here like no where else come to me on the streets and ask to be photographed or ask what am I doing. You find it annoying? I find it awesome! Andrey, a random guy on the ski slope, presented me a pack of cigarettes and told about all the icy spots on the slope. Sergey came over to me while I was sitting on a bench in the park at 1am, we shared a chat and parted and Dmitry befriended me right on the street and offered to rent an apartment together. There’s nothing better for a journalist then chatty people =)

They are very easy going: the guy scratched his butt shoving his handy into the pants right in the middle of the street. When what do you do if it itches? =)

And the girls here are beautiful.




Seems like a nice place to live.


Kate B.


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