I like the things you love to hate

Many things in Novosibirsk go against the logic, just like in any other big city in the world, and even though locals like to complain about them I find them great.


The city’s stuck in the traffic jams with every third person having a car but I like it cos it shows the level of income.

The locals complain about the city center changing it’s image because of the new buildings, but I like the weird mix of old and new. It shows the dynamic.


I love that soviet style monuments overlook modern restaurants and business centers. Who said that you need to destroy the past to start building the future?


I like the massive soviet buildings used as a background for beauties snapping a selfie.

Overlooking Oktyabrskaya street from the last floor of Double Tree Hilton hotel one cant help mentioning that nothing has changed so greatly since the Soviet time collapse like Novosibirsk and nothing has preserved that much of the soviet heritage like Novosibirsk as well.


The title of the Siberia’s capital introduced new challenges but Novosibirsk faced them fearlessly innovating, doing business and developing fast under the silent supervision of Lenin, watching the city from the main square.

Modern Novosibirsk is like a compromise between the communist’s and democrat’s dreams coming true in one place.  It’s like Black Russia that I’m having at the Double Tree bar: take three parts of the innovative approach, construction boom and business start-up and two parts of the soviet heritage, pour it over the ice cubes into an old-fashioned glass and enjoy it on a Wednesday night.



Kate B.


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