Saying goodbye to the north

I’m writing this post while sitting by the fireplace in one of the hotels of the Sheregesh ski resort, Kemerovo region, and having a glass of wine. My internet’s flying and it’s -10C outside. And seems like 5 weeks in the north were just a beautiful dream but no, still yesterday I was in Salekhard.

So what’s the deal with the north and why is it like nothing you’ve ever seen?


First of all all four cities are very old. I personally didnt expect the city on the arctic circle to date back to the 16th century. Saint Petersburg is at least 100 years younger then any of these cities, which predetermined a huge historical and architectural background.





At the same time the cities develop fast and modern architecture blends in with the old buildings.





The north first of all is about cold. It’s the first time in my life when I experienced temperatures lower then -40C. If anyone would have ever told me that I would go for a walk in -47C or take a trip outside the city in -42C I would call them crazy.


You do know that it’s cold when you see a ‘winter rainbow’. Halo outside of Tobolsk

But the crazy thing in the north is that it’s actually normal. The life doesnt stop, people go to work, couple go out for a date as the cold doesnt feel that bad because of the low humidity. On the other hand you do have to get used to such temperatures and that happens quite naturally.


Freezing Salekhard happened to be a nice place for a stroll

After one week -30C became a normal temperature for me and I could wonder around for a couple of hours. You should try it out!


The girls are pretty as always!

Cold doesnt stop local fashionistas from looking at their best. That’s kind of quality I do need to work on cos I was just randomly putting on the warmest clothes I had not caring of how I look.




And the most interesting that north is still the home for the nomadic reindeer herders, who mostly still live the traditional life and preserve their culture. Khanty, mansi and nenets tribe’s life can be seen here not only in the museums but also on the streets of the cities.


If you want to have deeper study of the authentic nomadic life just take a trip to one of the khanty villages of visit nenets reindeers in tundra. They’ll always give you a warm welcome and even though it’s not easy to reach them but the effort is worth it!


But the best and the most important are the people in the north. The colder is the weather the warmer are people’s hearts. I never ever got such a warm welcome from the most random people and you never leave a place without a present, which made my backpack twice big and heavy.


I fell in love with the north and miss it already though not everything is perfect there but I’m already looking forward to get back there.

And of course I highly recommend you to visit the north of Siberia. You’ll be blown away by the beauty of the people and the land and the diversity of the treasures the north is ready to share with you.



Kate B.


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