Go hard or go home would be a good motto for Salekhard.

No, men here do not cut the nails with a hatchet and the women here do not serve a whole frozen deer for dinner, though you can see such deers being sold at the market, but still Salekhard is pretty hardcore and this is why.



1. Car protection system.

If you have a nice car, you would like to find the best way to protect it from the thieves. But if you are in Salekhard you don’t need to bother cos no one steels the cars here. You might as well leave it open.


‘There’s no roads outside Salekhard so you can not drive away from the city.’ says Nadezhda Noskova, the press secretary of the Yamal-Nenets autonomous region. ‘The worst what can happen is if someone steals the car, drives around and then leaves it somewhere, because if you do not get rid of the car you’ll be caught soon.’

The only year round connection with the world that exists in Salekhard is via airport, so you have more chances to get your helicopter stolen rather then a car.

2. Children online protection.

Every mother is worried for her child, especially in the digital era when the threat comes from internet as well. But dont you worry, Salekhard knows how to protect children.

Internet in Salekhard is as slow as your grandma’s driving so you can safely leave for work, come back and that one webpage would still be opening. Ok, I’m a bit exhegeratIng here but the truth is that because of the extremly slow internet kids still didnt get hooked up on online games and internet surfing and prefer spending time outdoors.


3. Hardcore weather that doesnt feel hardcore

After almost -50C that Salekhard hit the day before yesterday and a month of -40C yesterday the weather warmed up and the ladies put on shorter jackets.



Yes it’s just -35C. 

Before you start saying that the girls are insane I have to say that with the very low humidity and no wind, like it was yesterday, it doesnt feel that cold. And another thing is that you do get used to cold. Tested on me =)

4. Orange fresh instead of beer.

Yes, one kilogram of oranges cos the same price as a can of local beer and it’s not because the oranges grow at the back yard here. It’s just because there is a fight with alcoholic addiction so the prices on alcohol are pretty high as for the oranges I have no clue why are 2 $ for a kg here in the very north.


If thats not enough for you, come to Salekhard and find your own reasons!




Kate B.


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