Everyone wants to be Sergey Anisimov

Meet Sergey Anisimov – The photographer from Salekhard!


If the world knows anything about Yamal from the people who live here it’s all thanks to Sergey and his amazing photography, depicting beautiful nature and unique people of this land.


Today I met Sergey. Be the whole 3 month Siberian journey just about meeting him I would have still done it. He’s one of my favorite photographers and does exactly what I would love to be doing – sharing the beauty of Siberia with the world on a very professional level.

Sergey took the camera in his hands 10 years ago and that’s when his journey around Yamal started. In 10 years he not only got to travel Yamal back and force but also to become one of the best Photographers in Russia.

I admire him and envy him at the same time because understand that I dont have the same talent and determination. That’s what I was thinking while chatting with him and looking through his 7 photo books .

Just think about it! 7 photo books in 10 years. And photography is not his main job – it’s just his hobby.

Sergey gave me a ride to the market after the meeting and told the secret of his success: I tell the wife that I’m gonna spend the night with the lover and tell the lover that I’m gonna stay at home tonight. Meanwhile I go out and take more and more and more pictures.

I got out of his car, lit the cigarette and though about it. The dog ran by me. I took out the camera and made a couple of pics, didnt like them and hid the camera back when saw that one of the market sallers was approaching me.

‘Colleague’ he addressed me. Not that I remember me working as a sales person at the market I thought, but maybe he also writes for the foreign media. I greeted the man and asked what does he mean by calling me a colleague.

‘Well, I saw you taking pictures and thought that you might be a photographer. And I’m a famous photographer Sergey.’

I was impressed, two famous photographers during one day – that’s quite a luck, so I started asking Segey what is he famous for and where can I see his works.

‘You can see them in any museum’ answered Sergey, who looked more like a deer herder then a photographer to me. ‘I started photographing in 1991, I photograph people, everything, very beautiful, everyone likes it. And my favorite is photographing the objects so they look big. You know, like when you photograph berries and they look giant! So that’s my pictures.’

‘And what’s your last name so I can find your works?’ here I started doubting that he knows anything about photography.

‘Anisimov. You can find my works in the internet.’ I asked to take a picture of  ‘Sergey Anisismov’ but he refused to be photographed saying that the photographers do not like being photographed and returned to his stall.

Looks like it’s not only me who wants to be like Sergey Anisimov.

For more pics visit Sergey’s website and an interview with him in Siberian Times



Kate B.


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