Cold is gold!

My hair is growing and I’m loosing weight.

Before leaving for Siberia I remember talking with my friend Dasha about the expectations I have as for the journey. A very curious thing for me was the reaction of my body to the cold. Personally I hate cold. I was born and lived most of my life in the places where the temperature rarely drops below zero and the 8 years that I spent in Urals taught me to tolerate the cold but not to like it. But Siberia is even colder then Urals.

So when it’s cold I used to stay indoors and when I stayed indoors I ate =)

Easy to guess what happens with your body if you sit around and eat all day. That’s why I took my sneackers with me and decided to keep jogging in Siberia which never happen and it’s not even because of the low temperature which havent raised above -20C, it’s just me being busy.

Anyway, if one accepts the logic that in Siberia you dont move and eat the food that mostly consists of meat and potatoes (obviously there are vegetables, but they cost more) then where the hell all these skinny girls come from?




More over even the middle aged woman and babushkas here are fit. But the strangest of all is that I can already see that I’m loosing weight and not that I stopped eating up that half a kilo of chocolates between 1 and 2 am.


What I think, and this is just my guess, is that one uses way more energy while doing anything in such low temperatures. Plus you carry a heavy overcoat and boots on you and that does feel like a workout. On a cold day my whole outfit comes up to 3 – 4 kg plus I personally cary a bag with camera and lenses and a laptop. So up to 10 kg to carry around with you all day. Who cares that you dont jog =)

Anyway I’ll keep looking at the way my body reacts to the frosts as I’m going even more north next week. The last 2 weeks were what is called ‘warm’ with the temperature being around -25/-30C so I was dressed like this


Also if you consider coming to Siberia in winter do not forget your sunglasses and the sun protection skin care. The sun is way too bright here also because it reflects from the snow so I can feel that I’m getting a bit tanned as well.

Maybe Siberian winter really is the secret of the Siberian beauty?



Kate B.


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