How does it feel not to work…

Yesterday was my day off.


Yesterday I slept through and didnt wake up thinking ‘Darn, I slept through!’

Yesterday I walked around the city without a camera in my hands not fearing that I’m gonna miss that brilliant shot. I didnt care it was my day off

Yesterday I didn’t do what the city is mostly famous with. Who cares that Khanty-Mansiysk is not known for it’s ski resorts and there’s nothing special in them. It’s my day off, I do what I want.

One might think that traveling and writing does feel like one long weekend but it’s actually not. Usually it’s a lot of work and little time for yourself. That’s why it’s important to know what your limit is and not to cross it so that the journey turns into a torture and writing into a panful obligation.

So yesterday I took my time and enjoyed the day and here’s how it went.


In spite of -25C I went skiing. The good thing is that Khanty-Mansiysk has two ski resorts right in the city! How cool is that? You just walk from college and stop by for an hour or two of skiing.

‘Khvoyniy Urman’ is just 15 min bus ride from my place and the ski pass cost 150 rubles an hour which is not even 5$ for an extra 200 rubles (7$) you can rent the equipment for the whole day.


Skiing in -25C is not as pleasant as lets say skiing in -5C but the good part is that there’s no one on the slope. Love the empty slopes =)

The last time I was skiing was a month ago in Yekaterinburg on Uktus mountain, which is also in the city.


After that I went to banya. The Cronwell Inn and Resort which is some 15 km out of town offers you a two hour banya session with the swimming pool just for 600 rubles (17$) for one person. The minus, at least for me is that it’s a public banya and it was a bit crowded. They also didnt allow me to take pics so have a look at the building from outside.


At the end of the evening I had a dinner at the ‘Tayzhny Tupik’ restaurant on the 3rd floor of the Cronwell Inn where you can try such specialities like deer or bear meat. A delicious meal comes with a bit heavy bill but it’s worth it. Also there use to be the samovar museum in the building of the hotel but now all the samovars are decorating the walls of the restaurant which makes it very pretty. 


So wrapping it up days off do not have to be boring they just have to be.


Kate B.



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