Snowboard it!

Khanty-Masiysk is known to be a chess and biathlon capital but might also become a capital of snowboarding with the youth occupying  every possible slope to practice this kind of sport.


Vlad and Sasha both 15 year old go to the same school but like to spend time out of it as well. And even though snowboarding is just one of their hobbies they are pretty determined in mastering it.
Dry snow in -25C makes it difficult to build a kicker which falls apart after every ride and the boys need to take the shovel back in their hands and repair it.
‘I’ve been snowboarding just for 5 days’ – says Vlad proudly, who in spite of being a brand new beginner has no fear. ‘But already I try jumping.’
Landing on his face or back doesnt stop Vlad and he walks up the hill again and again. Sasha’s more experienced, he’s been snowboarding for 2 years.
‘There’s two ski resorts on the territory of Khanty-Mansiysk, so there’s no need to go far away if you want to ski or snowboard. But this hill is even closer so we come here.’ – says Sasha. ‘No one in the church minds that we snowboard here.’
‘Yes, we do watch Olympic snowboarding competition. Sadly our team wins nothing.’ comments Sasha on the Russian performance in Sochi. 
Well, maybe Vlad and Sasha can become future Russia’s snowboarding superstars and get some medals during the next Olympics?

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