My hostel world

I do take many things for granted.

Like, for example, hostels. I stayed at a brand new Sibiryak hostel in Tobolsk. It was a bit out of the main streets but as Tobolsk is small and everything is in the walking distance on the second day I found a way how to walk back to the hostel.

The stuff was nice, the rooms clean and empty and I was paying 300 rubles which is not even 10$ not just for a bed but for a whole room.

Then I came to Surgut and the bed in the Sweet Sleep hostel cost twice more 600 rubles which is 17$ but it was right in the city center in a very cosy 5 room apartment.

Peter and Galina Ivanovna who are running the place are extremely nice and I really felt like at home with Galina Ivanovna treating me with breakfasts.



The rooms were spacious and bright and the people staying there nice and friendly. Every second night we would chat about this and that and I made some good friends there.



Then came Khanty-Mansiysk. I booked the hostel on Hostel Cheryomushkin Log had good reviews and a special deal with a bed for just 600 rubles in a 3 bed dorm.

To make the long story short, the last thing you want to do after a bus ride and searching for a place at night in an unknown city is to argue about the price of the bed.

I can afford to stay for any money but I had a booking confirmation with the fixed price though a lady at the reception didnt even want to listen to me. It took calling a manager to solve the problem and yes it turned out that the place I booked was given to someone else.

So I was given an even better deal! This:



a smelly shoe-box used to store people. Fine, it’s not the worse place I stayed at. The bathroom that was the reason of the smell in y room looked like this:


I checked the room for the dead bodies but found just the used condom. The bedding was obviously used. When I came to the reception and told the girl about it she rolled her eyes and said that she doesnt want to go into explanation about how did that happen and if I dont like smth I can just leave.

Well, guess what, I left =)

So the lesson of the day is – do not stay in Cheryomushkin Log if you happen to come to Khanty-Mansiysk. Saddly there are no decent hostels in town. The other place has such terrible reviews that I decided not to try my luck and went to the guest house on 43  Sverdlova str.

Here I pay 1000 rubles a night which is almost 30$ and that’s one of the cheapest prices in town. Yes, Khanty-Mansysk does have a couple of fancy hotels but not that many budget options. So there’s still smth that they need to work on before flocks of tourist will storm here.


Peter, I miss your hostel! It’s amazing and when I’m coming to Surgut next time I’m staying at your place for sure!




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