I’m leaving Surgut tmrw and again I wish I could stay as in one week I made some nice friends here.


In the morning Sergey, the oil feel worker who stays in my hostel makes me a coffee and Galina Ivanovna, the owner of the hostel, forces me to eat porridge but Sergey and I escape from her to have a cigarette. Then Galina Ivanovna keeps nagging us to quit smoking while we are giggling and having breakfast.

I slept through today and missed the morning routine, Sergey went to feed the squirrels in the park and I’m having a cold coffee and thinking about yesterday.


Walking around the city I get to see many people. There are people in Surgut who can build a ski resort just cos flying to Alps every weekend is tiring.

There are people who have a golden cadillac and people who order a stuffed lion as a present and pay 1 billion rubles for it.

And there are the ones who live in a two storied wooden buildings which are cramped between the newly built skyscrapers. And I like these people the most.


If journalist should be raising the questions , then I have just one question to Surgut: why do the people who have money are never interested in culture and why is that people who are interested in culture never have money?

All my friends here in Surgut are artist in a certain sense and it doesnt depend on what their job is, it’s more about how they do it.


An oil field worker who’s a traveller in his heart, a businesswoman who supports the local crafts, the local craftsman who prefer to create something meaningful instead of creating something that sells.


Now I just have to come up with a plan how to get the rich ones to invest into the things that make the world a better place.

Sergey will come from the park, we will make coffee and think about it.



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