My fair lady

I met Natalia the very first day I came to Surgut.


Andrey and I were sitting in the restaurant and having dinner after 3 meeting that we had and I was exhausted but Andrey insisted that we should go and meet one more person.

He said: ‘she’s the only one who helps the craftsman here’, so I had to go. 34 year old businesswoman and a single mother of 11 year old daughter, Natalia Kikor has enough passion and love to share it with everyone who enters her office.


Not only she was the highlight of that day but also became my close friend and the highlight of the whole Surgut trip.


We didnt say goodbye as I’m sure we’ll meet again and it’s gonna be very soon.

About Siberia:

I came to Surgut for a work trip 14 years ago and still cant leave. The Northern land attracts you with it’s possibilities and challenges you at the same time. I’m not gonna leave before I create something important here.

About business:

I created my business because of fear; the fear of having no money when I was left without work, the fear of not being able to create something. Some people start the business thanks to the opportunities they have in life. I started mine in spite of not having them.

Many smart books tell you to write a business plan before going into business. It’s all nonsense. If I ever had a business plan I would have never succeeded.

About life:

After the car crash I was paralyzed. I thought that I would never be able to walk and wanted to commit a suicide. Now when I have some problems in business or in personal life I always look back and remember that moment in the hospital room and realize that there’s nothing impossible if I got the strength to move on at that time.


Natalia is that one rare person in whom beauty wisdom and kindness meet.



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