Ups and Downs

I was waiting for this moment to come.


It cant be that everything goes smooth and nice. Just like the day comes after the dark night, the night should  follow the day. Well, it’s just the way life goes and by a certain age people usually learn to cope with it.

They learn it different ways. Some learn not to expect anything, become aggressive and in this way protect themselves from being hurt.


But I’ve been spoiled with nice people who shine so bright that it’s almost a tragedy whenever I have to deal with someone who doesn’t reach the high standards set by others.

Just for your understanding Russia’s not the nicest country in the world and many people’s been taught the hard way not to expect anything good and treat anyone who enters their comfort zone as a long lasting enemy.

That’s why you wouldn’t see smiles on their faces, they wouldn’t be polite with you because you are not supposed to be polite with your enemy.


I know all this, but maybe cos spent too much time outside of Russia I still take it personal.

I get offended whenever press service, who’s job is talking to the press, refuses not only talking but listening to you.

I’m let down by people who try to offend you before they even get to know you.

I cant tolerate when people judge you by your looks, the college you graduated or by what your father does.

I simply do not understand what does it all have to do with me, just a person who came here specially to talk to you, get to know you and write a piece about how amazing you are.

But it’s just the way Russians are: scared and indifferent hiding in their shell; they are so often hurt by others that offense becomes a part of the communication process.

Never ever take it personal! And neither should I, though I did today. Cos just as soon as you allow these negative emotions touch your heart you start seeing everything from a negative perspective.


I was coming out from the department of the culture, tourism and youth at 10 am and looking at people I couldn’t help mentioning how ugly and miserable they are. Here’s a mother yelling at her child and just next to her two man are almost staring a fight. 

The smelly cab made an extra loop around a dirty block and asked for additional 20 rubles. I made it even worse getting into an argument with the cab driver and banging the door of his old lada kalina didnt help to raise my mood.

The rest of the day went horrible, the coffee was bitter and the foam on the top looked like someone spitted in it. Nothing looked worth photographing and the people I wanted to see were not picking up.

Not that anything changed in my winter wonderland and the sun was shining bright as always but not for me.

And you know what can save you in a situation like this? A good company of some nice people. Yesterday I wrote a blogger who suddenly replied me in the evening when I was already at home asking if I want to meet.

Thank you, Jenya! Trust in people is the best present that you could have given me.


Dont give up on Siberia. It might not always be welcoming and nice, it might even turn it’s back on you but still don’t give up because when it smiles you understand that it was 100 times worth it.


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