Surgut – the fish spot on the river of oil

Surgut could be your youngest spoiled child who gets naughty whenever doesn’t get what she wants.


The name of the city translates as the fish spot, which already implies that the place should be wealthy, but the wealth didnt come to Surgut before oil was found here and the city became the oil production capital of Russia.


The fish is still here but nowadays it’s all about oil and the money coming with it spoil some people.


The city is diverse, you can find these who start their own business from a scratch and struggle to make ends meet and the ones who reject a position because they think that 800.000 rubles (20.000 euro) monthly salary is not a decent pay.



The metaphorical oil river on which Surgut stands has been attracting people here for the last  couple of decades but it’s rarely the money that makes people stay.

Spoiled or not people here in the north know the price of the real friendship.

‘You can fight with your friend but when you are in need they’ll always come to help you.’ says Andrey Gavrilov, the ivory carving artist, who’s been through ups and downs and learned the meaning of friendship the hard way.


Surgut is still growing. And hope that sometimes naughty and a bit spoiled teenager will not loose it’s siberian spirit and the big heart.







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