Melt my heart

‘Surgut is the warmest city in the world because of it’s people’ – says Natalia and I nod while eating the home made sandwiches as we driving to the khanty village Ruskinskaya some 130 km out of Surgut.


Meeting Khanty was not the goal but we actually met some on the way and  had some time to chat over a 2 hour drive.


‘Every coin has two sides, and if there were the city coins then Dubai and Surgut would be two sides of one coin. Do you know why? 

Dubai has oil, nomads and extreme hot temperature like +40C when you dont want to go outside. Surgut also has oil, nomads and extreme temperature but they are negative like -40C. That’s the only difference. But I still prefer Surgut.’

Have to say that I like this city more and more, with crazy warm hearted people who can jump into the car and drive for 2 hours just to bring you to a museum. The other thing that the museum turned to be amazing and I’ll tell about it tmrw.


‘I think some things can seem strange for foreigners who come to visit Surgut like crazy russians who go for a walk in -40C or girls wearing high heels in winter but you wouldnt find a single person who doesnt like it here.’

The sun is setting over the snowy desert as we are driving back and Frank Sinatra is playing in the car. Chilled weekend get aways melted my heart.





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