Your brain will freeze!

The local chronicles.


‘Without a doubt the nature influences a person, and that’s why it’s obvious that -30C like today I cant be positive and warm hearted and see all the objects in the pink light, even though I wish I did so.

When the weather is so cold the mental horizons get narrow and the thought shrink and according to me the newspapers could be published in Siberia during the winter month without censorship.’


This was written by the columnist at the end of December 1890 in ‘Siberian Newsletter’, one of the first Siberian newspaper that appeared in Tobolsk.


Today was -40C and  I’m not sure if my horizons got narrow but my nose got frost bitten for sure as I was wondering and making some street pics.

Funny enough seems like I was the only one freezing as people were dressed lighter then me and didnt seem to be suffering from wind and frost.


Tonight I’m leaving for Surgut, the capital of gas and oil which is an overnight train ride to the north. It was -47C there today so let’s hope the weather will get warmer=)



Kate B.



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