Winter wonderland

You take your girlfriend to an expensive place for a beautiful scenery and magic in the air?

Why dont you take her to Tobolsk! I bet she’d love it =)


Time flies! Tmrw it’s gonna be a week since I came to Tobolsk. Quite a reason to celebrate especially counting the fact that I do have quite a couple of small achievements. 


It turns out that you can get used to the cold wether and by the end of the week -30C is quite a comfortable temperature.  I stopped taking a cab home and usually take a bus from the city center first and then walk the rest of the distance or the other way around.


Alcohol is not involved. You would not believe but the people I met here do not drink or drink on a special occasion. I was offered a strong drink only once by a person who doesnt drink so I rejected just cos I’m a social drinker not an alcoholic. I bet I can find someone to have a drink easily but turns out that Siberia is not a place where everyone takes shot’s of vodka for breakfast.


I learned Tobolsk so now can wonder around easily without a fear of being lost.


And the last but not the least I made some amazing friends, which is not an achievement but more like a blessing.


Tobolsk is a very warm and welcoming small town where everyone knows everyone and I quite like it’s slow paste  which is so different from the cities where I’m used to live.

So now I’m a bit sad that will have to leave it soon. Haven’t decided yet will it be tmrw or the day after tmrw but in Siberia time does fly way too fast.







Kate B.



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