Like father like son

Could I ever imagine that such a morning hater as myself can jump out of bed at 8am on a Monday morning just to catch a bus to the monastery?


There’s really smth special about Abalak monastery and even though it’s 30 km out of Tobolsk and it’s -30C outside it didn’t stop me from coming there 3 days in a raw.


Abalak monastery is for man only but the monks welcomed me and even treated with tea and home made pastry. During 3 days I got a chance to talk to 5 people: 2 monks, 1 novit and 2 trudniks (from the russian word trud which means work) and got to understand that there’s a whole world hiding behind the monastery walls. And this world is full of love that they are ready to share with anyone who steps in.


The most interesting was probably father Saava. He was the first person I met on Saturday and in spite of being against the whole idea of the interview he not only set down and spent about an hour talking with me but also helped in meeting other people.

You rarely meet such kind and wise person, sadly he didnt agree to be photographed.

Publicity is sort of the sin for them. Father Saava said: ‘we do not do it to tell somebody about it. The ones who want to know will learn anyway and God sees our work.’


On Sunday I had a very touching talk with novit Alexander who was telling me about love to the neighbor. Love as a highest virtue is probably the hardest to gain. One needs to have such a pure soul to love everyone without condemnation and judgement.

I do not know how do they do it, but I would love to learn and hope that being in the monastery and talking to such beautiful souls made me one step closer to them and a bit better person.





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