Top 5 things that will amaze you in Siberia

1. -40C doesn’t feel like the end of the world


It feel like -40C =) Yes, it was that cold today and my friend Marina and I went outside the city for some country side views.  Sadly we were the only silly people wondering around cos the beautiful scenery would look much better with people. Only cats and dogs shared a stroll with us.



2. There’s a rainbow without rain.


Today in the morning we were amazed to see two halos in the sky. Halo or ice bow can be seen in a very cold weather when the smallest particles of water freeze and the sun’s rays refract. In the ancient times it was considered as a bad omen but we are educated people and know about the nature of this phenomenon, right?


3. Facial piercing can be a ground of condemnation. In the monastery.


Yes, today I didnt pass the face control in the monastery. The nun said that she’s disturbed by my piercing so I had to leave.

No comments

4. In general people are too nice.


They invite you for a tea, stop to offer you a lift, present you gloves, like my new friend Marina did, when they learn that you lost yours, invite you over for a hot meal. My other friend Anna from Novosibirsk says it’s normal as not offering help to a person is equal to putting people’s life in danger. But I still find it way too generous when the help is offered even before being asked for. And of course I’m not against such tradition =)

5. The witches predict the future.


Not all of them I guess, but we found one in Abalak touristic center which is just next door to Abalak monastery. Such a weird coexistence of different believes doesn’t surprise the locals as they are very tolerant in terms of religion. Except for that one nun.

Anyway the witch learned about Marina’s and mine background and then started reading fortune on beans and stones. According to her there’s a road waiting for me this year (what a surprise=)) I’m not getting married but my family will grow.

I do not believe the fortune tellers but quite curious about the last bit.



So, ladies and gentleman, come to Siberia and get amazed.

Yours, Kate B.


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