Tobolsk welcomes you!


Mart gives me a ride. Who said that getting in the car with a stranger is dangerous?

An overnight train from Yekaterinburg can take you and all the drunk construction workers who work in shifts to Tobolsk. Luckily the construction workers didnt get off, they went further north. It was only me at the empty platform of Tobolsk train station at 8 am in the morning.


Tobolsk welcomed me with -30C or maybe it was even colder, dont know for sure. As a smoker I can tell you for sure, you’d better quit before you come to Siberia cos smoking outdoors turns into a torture. My right hand still is frost bitten even though I had just one cigarette.

But the good thing is that as cold is the weather the same level is the warmth of people’s hearts!

I decided to do the local, so didnt take the cab and was just waiting at the bus stop. All alone in the darkness, cos it’s still dark at 8am and with a huge backpack -t hat’s how Marat, the chief of the construction site, that’s 40 km out of Tobolsk, spotted me and offered to give me a ride to the city.

For your understanding the train station is 10km north from Tobolsk

-Why did you build the train station so far from the city?

-Well, we wanted to build it closer to the city but then decided to build it closer to the railway.

So my tip number 1 for you is not to do the local and take a cab!

On the way to the city Marat told about interesting things to visit in Tobolsk.

1.Tobolsk Kremlin

“Take an excursion and visit the prison there. This is a must. You wount regret even though it’s not the most pleasant and joyful place. But you will always pay the tax after this tour.”

He didnt explain the link between the tax payment and prison =)

2. Abalak monastery

“If you have time go to Abalak monastery. It’s very pretty, you can ski there and see the old traditional houses. And there is a restaurant White Owl that serves delicious bliny.”

3. The shopping mall.

“There is a shopping mall, which is not ready yet but the lights are very pretty.”

I guess I’ll skip the last one, but just for your information Tobolsk is not a village – it has malls=)


Yours, Kate B.


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